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The company Ramisa Sas handles in Nickel in cathodes, cuttings, scrap and semi finished products.

The industrially Nickel more used has a purity of 99,4 % (Ni + Co) with the following maximal impurity:
Cu max. 0,1 %; Fe max. 0,15 %; Mn max. 0,2 %; C max. 0,1 %; Si max. 0,05 %; S max. 0,005 %

Material in Warehouse London Metal Exchange

  • Primary Nickel with purity min. 99,80 %
  • Form: Is it possible to have cathodes, pellets or briquettes. For the cathodes (the more used) there are the following dimension: 100 x 100 mm (4"x4"); 50 x 50 mm (2"x2") or 25 x 25 mm (1"x1") with tolerance of the dimension acc. to the international norms.
  • Packaging : in steel drums with a minimum net weight of 150 kg and max. net weight of 500 kg.
  • In the Exchange is possible to deliver only the approved marks according the list of the London Metal Exchange.
  • Minimal quantity of the lot: 6 TO (Each lot must to be only of a one brand)


Monel or "Monel Metal" is the denomination for a series of corrosion resistant alloys with a 67% of Ni content and a 30% of copper content, with trace of Fe, Mn and other elements.


Alpacca is the denomination for a series of alloys of Cu-Ni-Zn denominated also argentone or argentena, with Zn 15/30% and Ni 10/30%, having good mechanical properties and corrosion resistant. The presence of Ni makes enhances this properties and gives a silver look to the alloys.

In English is named Nickel Silver or German Silver.

The company Ramisa can find and deliver normal Alpacca scrap and special Alpacca alloys.


Is an alloy with 44/46% of Nickel and 54/56 % of copper.
The constantan is an alloy characterised of a particularly stable resistivity at the temperatures change. Some times is possible to alloy it with a little percentage of Mn (1 %).

The constantan is delivered in wire icophoto or strips (0,5 x 300 x 2000 mm). icophoto


Forged pieces
welded wire
Pipe fitting
Wire net