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The company Ramisa Sas handles in copper in cathodes, scraps and semi finished products. The pure copper without oxygen in form of cathodes has a grade of purity of 99,90 % with the following maximal impurity: Bi max. 0,001 %; Pb max. 0,005 %; As max. 0,0015 %. There are also some typologies of refused copper cathodes (off-grade) with oxygen (analysis on request)

Material in Warehouse London Metal Exchange

- Copper cathodes Grade A with purity 99,90 % as below
- In the Exchange is possible to deliver only the approved marks according the list of the London Metal Exchange.
- Minimal quantity of the lot: 25 TO (Each lot must to be only of a one brand)

Typologies of Cu scrap

Mixed Cu 96 % Cu granulate 98 % Cu plates and tubes clean

Electrolytic Cu billets and/or Cu anodes

Ramisa can offer electrolytic copper billets and copper anodes in various dimensions.
Standard dimension: 8 mm. x ca. 30 mm
Werkstoff ETP
Packaging: in big bags of ca. 1 to on Europalletts interchangeable
Or acc. EN 1977

Phosphorous Copper

Ramisa can offer phosphorous Copper as follows: Phosphorous Cu 15% Cu + P min. 99,4 % - P min. 14% - Impurity max 0,6 % In goffered plates

We can offer also Cu powder